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What We Offer

At Utova Fitness we stress the importance of living a heathy lifestyle so you can make the most of your life. Unlike most gym memberships, we offer a more personal experience, where you sign up for classes to help you reach your fitness goals. Check out our variety of class options below.

Personal Training

Personal training is key to help people to stay on track with their goals and help them maintain a healthy life style. This consists of an hour long training session with just you and your coach, where you will partake in cadiovascular conditioning, resistance exercises and finally partner-assisted stretching.

Are you getting married? Check out our Bridal Transformation Package here!


We offer a variety of group classes including beginner or intermediate bootcamps, giving you the chance to meet other people while still getting a great workout. Have a group of friends interested in creating your own group class? Give us a call to book your group time!

Corporate Intervention

Do you have a group of people or staff that may be interested if it’s convenient enough? We have designed classes to come right to your work place and do the class there. Perhaps a library in your school, a boardroom at your office, or a field in your community – all can serve as the perfect place for being active with friends and coworkers.

Promotional Speaking

Are you planning an event or convention? Do you want someone to speak about health and wellness? We will provide all the knowledge and motivation needed to get your group excited and ready to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Partner Sessions

Maybe one on one training is a little intimidating for you - Why not try some partner sessions with friends or family to start? Not only does it reduce the cost for you, it also means you’ll have someone to share all your experiences with on your new fitness journey!

Nutritional Services

Your increased activity levels can only take you so far without proper nutrition. Schedule an appointment to meet with our registered dietitian today for dietary recommendations