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Bridal Transformation Package

Utova Fitness is now offering a training package specifically catered to brides in preparation for one of the biggest days of their lives. Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and we would like to be a part of that journey. We have worked with many brides over the last few years and after many requests we have decided to create a bride specific program that is both affordable and offers everything a bride needs to make a difference before her wedding day!

This Package Includes:

- Progress Photos
- Monthly Weigh-ins and Body Composition Assessment
- Goals Assessment
- Nutrition Assessment
- 20 Personal Training Sessions
- Unlimited Bootcamps (Up to 5 a week)
- Free Personal Training Session and Edible Arrangement (on the morning of your wedding at a location of your choice within Edmonton)

Package Price: $1500.00


Chelsea Corbett
I started training with Jenna about 4 years ago. I try to stay active on a daily basis but sometimes need the extra motivation- like I did for my wedding. Jenna was my biggest cheer leader when it came to getting ready for the big day. She never let me forget what my goals were and endlessly kept me on track with our fitness plan. Jenna never treated me like a recruit and never acted like a drill a sergeant. She motivated me in the most positive way that made me want to work even harder. When I thought that I wanted to give up she would gently remind me of the ultimate goal (The Wedding!!). Jenna has so many innovative training ideas and I was never bored or complacent with my workouts. People that I saw at work on a daily basis would comment on how good I was looking which made me feel I was getting the results that I wanted from my training with Jenna.

Jamie Murphy

I have known Jenna since I was 15 and even then I looked up to her fitness life, she's was, and still is a machine! So, who else would I call to whip me into shape before "The BIG Day"? ...and whip me into shape is JUST what she did. Three days a week, tons of sweat, and way too many burpees later I had toned up just enough for the Big Moment in my life.

Things didn't stop at the wedding; I still continue to work with Jenna - and LOVE it. I have never felt stronger or healthier and a lot of that it due to the encouragement I received, the energy she brings and the comfortable atmosphere she works in! She makes each work out challenging, yet fun - you feel amazing after. Thanks Jenna, for always encouraging me to go the extra mile - I couldn't have done it without you!

We will offer a special discount if you would like to start your own Bridal Party Bootcamp! With a minimum of 4 participants you can choose a day and time that works best for everyone! You can bond and sweat together!

For more information you can call or email us!! We look forward to being a part of your transformation journey!